Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vubiz Elearning Helps Cities Comply with Accessibility

The Town of Oakville and Vubiz jointly announce a customized IASR (Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation) online training course for the town’s employees. With this convenient delivery of the online training, Oakville was able to meet the Ontario Government’s mandatory accessibility training requirements.    
“The mandatory accessibility training requirements set by the Ontario government sets a new ‘customer service standard’ and Vubiz creates online programs to ensure compliance,” explains Vubiz President Jim Rapino.
Rapino says the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act known as AODA is a law in Ontario that allows the government to develop specific standards for accessibility and to enforce them. “The purpose of the act is to benefit all Ontarians by developing and enforcing accessibility standards and online training is a great vehicle to deliver this important information,” adds Rapino.
The customer service standard is the first standard to come into effect under AODA; the next four standards – Information and Communications, Employment, Transportation, Design of Public Spaces – have been combined under one regulation, the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation. This regulation is now law and the requirements currently in regulation are being phased in between 2011 and 2021. Accessibility improvements to buildings will be addressed at a later date through the Ontario Building Code.
The AODA applied to the town of Oakville as it applies to all people or organizations both public and private that provide goods/services to the public or other businesses, and have one or more employees. For more information, look on the Ontario government website.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vubiz Elearning Announces New Bank Auditing Course

Vubiz Announces New Auditing Program
Vubiz is pleased to announce the release of a new bank specific auditing program. This program is designed for bank internal auditors and is written by top bank auditing experts. The modules in this program cover areas vital to successful bank internal audits such as regulatory accounting, operational auditing, and auditing assets, liabilities and information systems.
Internal audits are critical to ensuring the safety and soundness of bank policies, procedures and programs. This program helps new internal auditors learn how to conduct this vital function and provides a valuable resource for experienced internal auditors.
“Stand up, in person training on bank auditing can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention days or weeks away from the job,” explained Vubiz President Jim Rapino. “This program eases the financial and time burden of traditional audit training and makes it more accessible to the average bank employee.”
Vubiz has years of experience designing eLearning for banks and in 2013 won two awards year for their compliance eLearning; The Best Compliance Elearning by Elearning Media and Best Compliance by Brandon Hall.
About Vubiz:
Vubiz is an award-winning eLearning company with unbeatable pricing, quality online courses and outstanding customer service. We're experts at making online training effective at the very best price.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vubiz Elearning Provides Unions Online Training
Union Savings and Vubiz are pleased to announce an agreement that offers online training to members of the CUABP affiliated unions and labour organizations. The union locals or national unions must join the program and pay for it before their members can sign up. There are over 200 courses being offered under this agreement covering subjects from Health and Safety to Desktop to Personal Development courses.
Union Savings is a program operated by Canadian Union Advantage Benefit Programs (CUABP). It offers special savings, discounts and benefits that are available exclusively to the nearly 920,000 members of the 37 CUABP affiliated unions and labour organizations.
The initial agreement will run for 3 years and allows each local to determine if they want to implement the program for their members.
David Montisano, Director of Partnerships & Affiliate Relations at Union Savings stated that “CUABP is excited at the prospect of providing online training to our members as a new program. We believe that a large number of our members will benefit from this new offer.”
Norm Vokey, Senior V. P. of Sales for Vubiz commented that “Vubiz is currently bringing online courses to 2 of the CUBAP affiliated unions and looks forward to the ability to expand this through the support of CUABP.”
About Vubiz
Vubiz is an award-winning elearning company with unbeatable pricing, quality online courses and outstanding customer service. Vubiz has recently won awards from Brandon Hall and Elearning Media for Best of Compliance Elearning.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Vubiz Elearning Joins Izzui to Enhance Social Learning Offering

Vubiz is excited to announce their debut on Izzui, the first e-learning app for Facebook. Izzui is the first social media app uniquely focused on e-learning that uses Facebook to launch, track and manage courses with e-commerce capabilities to charge and pay for course subscriptions.
“This exciting strategic partnership between Izzui and Vubiz represents a new era in social learning. We selected dozens of our bestselling courses and published them on the Izzui app. Accessing Vubiz custom learning pagehttps://apps.facebook.com/izzuiapp/vubiz, Facebook learners can choose from topics like business skills, personal development, time management, stress management and customer service,” Robin Rapino, Vubiz VP U.S. Operations, explained.    
This innovative free social learning app already has over 200,000 installations and more than 400 courses available to all Facebook users including new Vubiz content. “Through Izzui, Vubiz course subscribers can invite friends, rate, evaluate and comment on Vubiz courses, as well as share their course activities on their Facebook profile,” Rapino highlights.
“We are happy to have Vubiz join our growing family of content publishers. On Izzui, we provide a unique way to use Facebook to create learning channels that are relevant, fun and engaging. Our goal is to blend e-learning and social media into a seamless digital social experience to connect people and brands online,” Alfredo Leone, Izzui’s Managing Director says.
About Izzui
Izzui is a Facebook app that provides a free, collaborative elearning community for creating, sharing, and viewing a wide variety of interactive and engaging content via online courses. Izzui is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Izzui’s founders and developers focus on learning and development with a relentless commitment to improving the way people see and use e-learning.
You can also access the app directly at https://apps.facebook.com/izzuiapp/. Stay informed on our social platforms: @izzuiapp
About Vubiz
Vubiz is an award-winning elearning company with unbeatable pricing, quality online courses and outstanding customer service. We're experts at making online training effective at the very best price. Proud winner again in 2013 for Best Compliance and Certification elearning.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vubiz Wins Best Compliance Award at Best of Elearning Awards 2013

Vubiz wins Best Compliance and Certification Elearning Award for the second year in a row by Elearning Media Group.
This Award of Excellence from Elearning Media Group is solely based on voter ballots. In its 9th year, the Best of Elearning! Awards are the exclusive reader’s choice awards program for enterprise learning solutions and workplace technology products and services. This highly competitive enterprise learning awards
program features the new and the next in enterprise learning and workplace technologies.
“We are honored to win this award for the second year in a row” said Jim Rapino, President of Vubiz, Ltd. “We’re excited to acknowledge our team’s commitment to creating the best compliance online training available at the best competitive price. Thank you to the Elearning Media Group, our clients and our team.”
Vubiz has also been recognized with awards for outstanding customer service, and best
content. Vubiz has a large “off-the-shelf” library of online content from business skills to health & safety to customer service topics. Vubiz has a deep catalog of award-winning compliance courses from Harassment Prevention to Banking compliance to Health & Safety courses.

Friday, August 16, 2013

New Online Program Helps Companies Execute Strategies

Vubiz announces the launch of one of their most popular elearning courses completely redesigned. The Balanced Scorecard: Looking at an Organization from More than One Perspective is a four module program providing an in-depth examination of the Balanced Scorecard, an important tool for strategically managing an organization's performance.
Vubiz President Jim Rapino says, this valuable elearning program improves results “the balanced scorecard approach helps companies successfully execute their strategies which is why this program is so popular.” The program looks at how the balanced scorecard ensures the proper execution of strategy and balances an organizations current performance against the long-term health of the organization. It offers a strategic view of the organization including all perspectives, a process for managing the organization strategically instead of tactically, building a risk scorecard, scenario planning and a common terminology for discussing strategic issues and communicating strategy to the entire organization. Rapino says, this course improves organizational performance by measuring what matters and focusing on the drivers of future performance.
Available in English and French, the revised, updated and expanded course now includes detailed case studies of two balanced scorecard implementations: MDS, a private sector company, and the RCMP, an example of a public sector organization. The new program enhances the learning experience with audio, video clips, heightened interactivity, frequent review questions, illustrative charts, diagrams, photos, references and citations. A final exam helps learners gauge their understanding of the material in the course and, when passed, generates a certificate of completion.
This online program qualifies for 9 professional development hours.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Video in Elearning

Video in eLearning

When you need to relay crucial information to staff or business associates in a short amount of time, typical eLearning methods may not be sufficient. Integrating video into your eLearning can solve this problem. Video helps distill essential information and distribute it quickly and effectively. With high-definition video, you're not just telling learners what they need to know – you're showing them. Effective videos increase learner engagement. And increased engagement has a positive effect on learning retention and learner satisfaction.

When Should You Use Video?
Video is ideally suited to explaining or demonstrating a process or activity. A short 10 to 20-second video clip, in many cases supported by text and audio, conveys a message more dynamically than simply using text and still photographs or graphics. The message is delivered faster, the learning retention rate is higher, and the content is very easy to deliver.
Video enhances understanding when learners can see an example of a specific situation. A good example is a global construction firm which uses video to illustrate health and safety requirements. A visual demonstration of the correct way to handle hazardous material, put on a safety harness, or conduct lifting operations resonates with learners more than a simple text explanation of the same actions.
Video is also extremely effective for delivering personal messages. A welcome message from a CEO to kick off a new employee orientation/onboarding program adds a personal touch that is hard to replicate in text alone, while the use of endorsements from experts or peers to introduce a new concept or support a new initiative adds credibility to training. In both cases, learner involvement with the content is increased and, as a result, retention.
Challenges of Video
Organizations that develop eLearning in multiple languages should be aware of the potential for additional costs if videos have to be shot in two or more languages. Careful upfront planning will help control costs. Processes and activities can often be filmed without dialog, with explanatory audio in the required languages added in post-production. This isn't an option when delivering a personal message, but simple strategies such as filming all language versions at once, rather than spreading them out over several shoots, help keep costs down.
Video and Instructional Design
It is essential to integrate the use of video into the instructional design process from the very start of the project. Careful storyboarding ensures that videos are instructionally sound and contribute to the learning experience. Storyboarding also helps control costs by reducing the amount of unused footage that is shot and speeding up the editing process.
Stock Video
Stock video – that is, video that is not shot for a specific project – is a very cost-effective way to add the excitement and interactivity of video to eLearning. To help our clients begin to integrate video into their eLearning in a cost-effective manner, Vubiz has built a library of stock video clips illustrating concepts such as customer service, human resources, team work, equity in the workplace, and even safe driving. Shot without audio, stock video clips can be used with any language.
By Anne McCourt and Val Blokowski

For More Information
Contact Vubiz to learn more about how our new video unit can help add value to your eLearning elearning@vubiz.com